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Business concept

The hub


Your center.

We value our history as much as we value our future with you.

Jimotec offers products and services in production technology. Where we make it easier for our customers to manufacture their products in a simple and understandable way for the right price, quality and for the right delivery


In 1984, Torbjörn Karlsson and his father opened the gates to their first factory in Sweden where the purpose was to perform work in sheet metal and welding, a few years later another factory was opened with a focus on cutting processing where it was manufactured from raw material to finished product.

30 years have passed since then and with the sale of the latest factory in 2017, the idea was born for a new specialization, a specialization that came to branch out into Torbjörn's competent experience in production technology but also elements of smart production. Where we would be a hub in the mission to help customers establish quality-assured production processes but also find solutions that in various ways can streamline the production chain to the finished product.

That hub became Jimotec.


Here we publish vacancies with us!

Unfortunately there are no vacancies ....

Spontaneous application

Is there no vacancy right now, or do you have qualities that we do not yet know we lack?
At Jimotec, we are always interested in getting in touch with positive, enterprising people who share our passion
for technology. If you have knowledge that you think interests us - get in touch at info @ .
As we receive many applications from time to time, we can not promise that we will contact you personally,
but will return if we have a place to offer.
We look forward to hearing from you!

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