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Quality & Environment

Digitization, automation and "smart" factories provide more efficient production, flexibility, shorter lead times and higher quality. We can thank Industry 4.0 for this improvement.

Industry 4.0 enables interconnection of the Internet, access to real-time data and cyber-physical systems. In addition, it offers a more comprehensive interconnected and holistic view of manufacturing. It provides better cooperation and access between the parties, customers and producers.


Industry 4.0 gives me as a business leader better control and understanding of all parts of the business. The system makes it possible to use real-time data to increase productivity and increase quality. We strive for the 0-error principle.


Tap the icons and take part in our quality and environmental policy

The sense of detail is in people who take responsibility.

Our ambition is for the world to become a better place, which is why it is important for us to follow the market and our customers' requirements for quality standards and environmental requirements. As we are a living and learning organization, there is always room for learning and development, therefore we also ensure that our partners and customers are willing to develop with us when it comes to innovation in environmental issues and quality.


Products must be produced with care for the environment and people. Production must be safe and free of hazardous chemicals. By using modern environmental technology and digitization, we can make your production more efficient and have a lower impact on the environment. Our suppliers are carefully selected to follow our values ​​regarding this.


All our choices play a role in the work towards a more sustainable future. Here is a solar panel that is installed at one of our companies. Most of the companies have solar panels as this is both economically profitable and good for the environment.

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