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The day before delivery is ready, please send e-mail with:

Delivery day (when collection can take place)
Number of                (how many parcels/parcels)
Weight                   (in kg)
Length – width – height (in cm)
Our order number

We book transport and e-mail you transport documents.

Our customer number is:

UPS               0680FW8

Dachshunds        46,909,334

When we have sent you the transport document, you print this out and put it on a carton/pallet and await collection from UPS or Dachser.


We use DHL Freight as a carrier throughout Sweden and BEST Transport in the Gothenburg area up to Uddevalla. We use packages and pallets.

Our order number must appear on the packing slip. Our customer number is:

DHL Freight          128,428

BEST Transport     21659

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