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We at Jimotec wish to work closely with selected suppliers to jointly achieve satisfied customers. Their common ambition must be to maintain the right quality at the right price on the promised delivery date and thereby increase customer satisfaction.

In order to be able to focus on maintaining a steady flow, we wish to work with so-called "Forecast articles", i.e. a list of selected forecasted articles with "set/fixed" prices every quarter. This means that we come to you, as a selected supplier, send a forecast list with the items we need filled in, eg "Price & Lead time for each item". We need this in return within a week.


Forecast articles/list of prices and lead time will be valid for 3 months with fixed prices to be adjusted once per quarter and this means that the time of new price is the contract date.

New "Forecast item list" will be sent out regularly to be negotiated before the previous one expires.

The Seller/Supplier must notify any price adjustment in writing no later than 1 week before it takes effect and be approved in writing by Jimotec before it takes effect.

Jimotec does not accept any extra fees such as administrative fee, shipping fee or invoice fee.

We at Jimotec hope with this to be able to maintain a more efficient flow that benefits us all



Example of the list. If you have to change any price please fill it in column "yellow" and delivery time in column "pink"

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